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Between us Eddie Rosso Photography, represented by Eddie Rojas Morales, who from now on will be called the "PHOTOGRAPHER" and Cinthya Mora Mora, who from now on will be called the "CLIENT" have decided to sign the following contract, which will be governed by the following conditions: FIRST: PHOTOGRAPHIC PACKAGE. The package that the client is contracting is the COMPLETE PACK for a value of ¢260 thousand (price without VAT). The package includes preparation of the bride (if desired), documentation of the Ceremony, Reception documentation, wedding session and photography with family and friends at the reception site. 400 images are delivered with professional photographic editing and processing. These images will be delivered on a USB key or download link. It also has a royalty of a personalized photo book (photobook), 12x9 inches with hard covers and 30 inner pages on photo paper. SECOND: RESERVE. The Client must pay at least 20% of the cost so that the date and time are reserved in the Photographer's agenda. By the date of the event, 75% of the total must have been paid and the remaining 25% when the digital edition work is finished. In this case, the Client has made an advance of ¢100 thousand, by March 19 he should have already made a payment of ¢95 thousand and the last payment for cancellation must be ¢65 thousand. THIRD: DATE AND PLACE. The Photographer will provide his service at the wedding of Ignacio Pérez and Carolina Mora, on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at the Santa Ana Catholic Temple, starting at 10 am and then moving on to the reception in Ciudad Colón. According to the contracted package, the service of documenting the preparation of the bride will be provided, and the Photographer must arrive in advance at the agreed place, as long as the bride approves that said session be carried out. FOURTH: COVERAGE. The Photographer is not responsible for moments not photographed or damaged images due to: interference from other professionals hired as photographers or videographers or from private individuals, poor light conditions, adverse weather conditions, inadequate spaces to take photographs and policies or restrictions of the place where the wedding takes place. The Photographer will try to take specific shots during the activity, however the Client gives the Photographer the freedom to apply the criteria and practices that he/she deems appropriate according to the conditions present at the different times indicated.

FIFTH: CANCELLATION AND RESCHEDULING POLICIES. If for any reason the client decides to cancel this contract with 90 days or less remaining before the wedding date, the Photographer will retain the first payment made as compensation for the loss of other work that could have been done on said date. If on the day of the activity the photographer cannot carry out the contract for reasons beyond his control, the money will not be returned and the remaining money must be paid. An agreement may be reached to reschedule the service according to the contracted cost.  If due to sanitary provisions the event has to be canceled in advance, the Client and the Photographer can coordinate to move the service to another date by mutual agreement, with this the conditions and costs of the current contract are reserved. If the client decides to cancel the event and then wishes to contract the services of the Photographer, a new contract must be made with the terms of the new service. SIXTH: DELIVERY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL. The images will be delivered within a period not exceeding 30 days after the wedding, in high resolution jpg through a download link or a USB key. The photo album will be delivered 15 days after the digital images are delivered.  SEVENTH: COPYRIGHTS AND REPRODUCTIONS. All images are the intellectual property of the Photographer and may be used and/or reproduced by him in his portfolio, website, brochures or in any promotional material he deems appropriate. The Photographer undertakes not to use the photographs for purposes other than the promotion of the company and to request authorization from the bride and groom in the event of a situation not contemplated in this contract. EIGHTH: USE OF COPIES. The Client will obtain printed copies (album) and digital images exclusively for personal use and may not sell or authorize reproductions of them to third parties. In the event that the Client wishes to use the photographs for any particular or commercial purpose, both parties must previously reach an agreement on the conditions of said use. NINTH: INABILITY TO PERFORM COVERAGE.  If the Photographer is unable to perform this contract due to serious illness, accident, theft, fire, calamity, national emergency, death or any situation beyond its control, the Client will not be able to claim damages or take legal or other action. against the photographer. If the breach of the contract occurs for any of the reasons mentioned above, it will refund the money of the payments made by the Client. TENTH: COMPENSATION. In case of partial (less than 50%) or total loss of photographic material due to accident, theft, data corruption, electronic equipment failure, storage device failure or any other situation beyond the control of the Photographer, the Client You will not be able to claim damages, nor carry out legal or other actions against the Photographer. If the breach of the contract occurs for any of the reasons mentioned above, in partial loss, the Photographer agrees to deduct the outstanding balance, in case of total loss of the photographic material, due to the aforementioned reasons, the Photographer agrees to return all payments made by the Client. ADDITIONAL OBSERVATION: Given the hour and time of service, for ease and good compliance with the work, the Client agrees to provide food to the Photographer and his assistant. Having read the foregoing, the conditions are accepted and it is signed in San José, on February 11, 2022.

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