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Christmas Sessions are here! Do you dare to enjoy with me and through my lens the magic of Christmas?

I have prepared some proposals where you can choose the time and the number of portraits that you like the most.

I want you to feel happy and be able to enjoy the positive that Christmas brings us and that together we portray the joy, love and hope of this year 2021.



-30 minute session

-5 digital portraits

-Professional Edition

-Maximum 3 people

_ERM2177 nav 2021.jpg


-45 minutes of session

-8 digital portraits

-8 prints 4x7”

-Professional Edition

-Personalized digital postcard

-Maximum 5 people

Mama lee cuento.jpg


-1 hour of session

-10 edited digital portraits

(2 are magical portraits)

-10 prints 4x7”

-Personalized digital postcard

-Maximum 5 people

-Photographs (not magical) can be added to any package for an additional ¢4 thousand.
-Magic portraits can be added to any package for a value of ¢10 thousand each.
-Additional prints: 6x4 inches: ¢904 each
      8x10 inches: ¢1,469 each
-Small pets are allowed prior coordination.
-Open quotas only for October and November.
- To reserve, you must cancel 50% in advance and the other 50% on the day of the session.
-Prices include value added tax.
-All photos are professionally edited.
-Delivery time maximum 15 days.
-The sessions do not include costumes, however, when booking I will send you a document with
recommendations of the colors and combinations to use with this set.
-If you need makeup service, you can ask for our makeup service.
-Sessions held at Estudio Rosso, Prados del Este, Curridabat.
- Protocols indicated by the Ministry of Health are complied with.

Hours arranged for sessions: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon and from 2 to 7 pm



Clicking on the icon will automatically open the whatsapp to make your reservation.

Hours arranged for sessions: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 to 7 pm
Check the calendar for available dates to hold your session,
busy hours and days will appear in red , but you can choose a different time.

*On mobiles you have to touch the day for the information to come out.




Terms of service - Details to take into account

“The Photographer” is in relation to Eddie Rosso Photographer. "The Client" is in relation to any natural or legal person with whom The Photographer agrees the sale or provision of a service.


How to book a Session:
1. To reserve the session, a 50% advance payment is required. This deposit ensures the Client the time and services of The Photographer for the work to be carried out and is non-refundable, unless it falls into the category of force majeure*.

2. The photo session can be rescheduled once, at least 3 days in advance and according to the availability of The Photographer to agree on the new date. In any other case the deposit will be forfeited. The Photographer does not guarantee that it will be possible to reschedule the session, if there are no dates available this season the deposit will be forfeited.

3. The Client will be responsible for complying with the time agreed for her session, it may start up to a maximum of 15 minutes late with respect to the scheduled time. The session schedule starts from the scheduled time, regardless of the time the Client arrives at the studio and/or takes time to prepare for the session. After 15 minutes of delay, it will be subject to the discretion of The Photographer if the session is held or not, depending on the availability of time, number of clients and workload. The reservation will be lost without the right to a subsequent claim in these cases.

Regarding responsibilities during the photo shoot:

1. The Photographer will not be responsible for the lack of cooperation of The Client and the members of his/her group or family during the session and/or for the refusal to participate by one or more members of the Client's group or family. .


2. It will be the Client's responsibility to ensure that their clothing, makeup, hairstyle and general appearance are consistent with what The Client wants for their photos.

3. The criteria of The Photographer about the poses and the number of images to be captured is accepted in advance by The Client at the time of making the reservation. Due to the arbitrariness of the time, light and depending on the disposition of the participants in the session, it may not be possible to capture all the requested images.

4. The time of the session will depend on the number of people, the age of the children, their disposition. Each package has a defined time that must be respected, since disinfection of the studio begins with a gun and disinfectant with quaternary ammonium. Clients have to come already prepared (makeup, hairstyle, etc.), the time of the session includes change of clothes (if required) and photo session.

5. Once the photo session is finished, the Client must make the payment by bank transfer, Sinpe Móvil or cash.

6. The Photographer is not responsible for the state of health of the Clients, disclaiming from now on any responsibility for the alteration in the state of health of the Clients before, during and after the session. If the Client arrives at the appointment with the symptoms of Covid (fever +37, cough etc) The Photographer will reserve the right to refuse the service and the deposit will be forfeited.

7. If the Client wants some specific shots or poses, they must notify The Photographer before starting the photo session so that it can be considered, although this does not guarantee that it will be possible (depends on the ages of the children, among other factors).

8. The Client, when contracting the photographic service, accepts the photographic style, edition and type of photography that the Photographer exhibits on this website and social networks, so that the creative definitions regarding the session are at the discretion of The Photographer and there will be no right to subsequent claims.

Post-processing of images:
1. The link with the best photos taken during the session (according to the selected package), will be sent in jpg format to the email informed by the Client within 15 days of the session. Any other photograph that the client wishes to be edited will be considered extra work and will be charged separately.

2. The aesthetic and editing decisions will be made according to what The Photographer considers necessary to obtain the best result. The Client accepts that he hires The Photographer taking into account his aesthetics and experience, which he can check on the various social networks that exhibit his work, for which he leaves editing decisions to the discretion of The Photographer, without further claim.

3. It is the Client's responsibility to download and protect the digital files received, both those resulting from the session and those edited later. The Photographer will keep the digital files for 60 calendar days from the time they have been sent to the Client.

Rights on the images:

1. All images created by The Photographer will be their property and may not be used without permission, for commercial purposes, exhibitions and any other use that is not for the personal enjoyment of The Client.

2. By doing a photo shoot with Eddie Rosso Photographer, the Client agrees that The Photographer may use the
images to advertise, including but not limited to these platforms: Facebook,, Instagram, commercials, etc.

3. If the Client does not want the images captured in the session to be used, they must notify The Photographer before the photo session.

Force Majeure:
If The Photographer cannot provide the service due to fire, accident, strikes or health situations, natural events of greater connotation that prevent the normal development of the service, events that make the development of the activity impossible or highly risky and complex, outside the control of the Client or of the Photographer, if the Client has Covid, they will have to present the PCR via email and in this case they will obtain the refund of the money used for the reservation or, they will be able to change the date, if they wish and if there is hours available.

Refund: The Client will receive in full any payment made to The Photographer on the occasion of the service during the 30 business days following the cancellation. The same solution will be given in the event that the photo session cannot be carried out due to damage to the equipment or loss of it, which prevents the normal development of the session, without the Client or their family or group having participated in it. it. 



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