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I am?

Hello! Thanks for taking a little while and getting to know who Eddie Rosso is.

Actually my name is Eddie Rojas, but for reasons of having a first and last name equal to a reportage photographer from my country Costa Rica, I chose to take a pseudonym and change my last name to Italian (Rosso=Rojo), the language with which I identify myself a lot because of my closeness to lyrical music.

In the career I studied (advertising design) I took production on TV, Radio and Photography, but in the end I specialized in design itself until I became the Director of the art and design department of a wonderful Costa Rican company that is dedicated to advertising. and marketing.

In December 2016 I made the decision to return to photography with what I learned at the University, in order to share with others what my mind wants to create and what my eyes see through a camera, capturing not only an image, but the essence. Then I have grown more with courses that I have taken from different world-renowned photographers.


What motivates me to do photography? To see how a world opens before my eyes and my lens, to continue creating, growing, provoking sensations... and even more so, when I deliver a work to which I have put my heart, to see how people's faces light up, happy with the result.

Thanks again for visiting my page and I remain at your service, I hope to share with you this wonderful world of light and together create special moments.

Contact me

San José, Curridabat, Costa Rica

Tel: +506 8328-0085

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